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A 5-star rated story that empowers little girls everywhere!


A Story Monsters Approved Winning story that offers a behind the scenes look into the lives of supermoms!

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A 5-star rated tale of two pups who find their fur-ever family.


Sometimes it's the one you don't expect that makes all the difference!

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Mia McGlynn, 

Children's Author

Mia McGlynn is a Pennsylvania based writer and photographer. Mia has a passion for creating and holds a degree in visual communications. Having worked with children for most of her life, Mia brings her experience as a sister to many foster children, as an aide to many tots during years of working in child care, and as a mom.

Mia's stories are inspired by real life people, events and experiences and are told in a way that entertains and relates to children. Her children's books are often cleverly rhyming and convey a lesson or inspiration to the reader.

About the Author...

The imagination holds in it, doorways to endless possibilities.  

Since I was a little girl, I have loved creating, but was never much of a follower of instructions in that area.  No, I had to find my own way to the destination.  I had to create by trial and error, but not without the influence of those I grew to admire and respect.  When it comes to writing, those I admired had a skill for stringing together words in rhyme. The witty candor of authors like Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein captivated my attention every time.  It was always magical to me, how a story could be conveyed in such a fashion!  Not just magical, but MEMORABLE! The catchy phrases and fun characters were built to last and become favorites for generation after generation.

When I grew up and had children of my own, I enjoyed discovering new writers and stories.  Ultimately, those that helped me teach important lessons became my favorites to share.  Among them, "Just Enough and Not Too Much" by Kaethe Zemach.  To this day, this is my favorite children's book to share, teaching a simple lesson in such a simple way.  It's simply perfect!

My own stories and characters come to me by way of daily living.  I could be working or having a conversation and something ignites the spark that grows an idea for a new story, at times completely derailing the train of thought I SHOULD have been on, because it demands to be written down!  

Shaping a story and then sourcing or creating the imagery to present it, is a labor of love, and one that gives me so much joy.  My hope is that, as I bring the idea to life and share it with the world, it will help teach kindness, encourage creativity, and empower the minds of young children for years to come.





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