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When You Give A Girl A Hammer

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Mia McGlynn


Mia lives in Pennsylvania with her five dogs and big blended family.  When she's not working on books, conducting photoshoots, or designing content for various small businesses, you can find her camping or relaxing outside at home. 

As a young girl, Mia spent much of her time working with children in a daycare setting or as a foster sister.  Pulling from her fond memories of reading to children in various settings and then going on to share fun books with her own little ones, Mia has found a love for stringing words together in a rhythmic, entertaining way for families to enjoy together. 

Instill confidence and independence in little girls from a young age with this short story about giving them the tools and the time to learn new things. Take your child on a little girl’s adventure where she learns valuable skills through the gifts she’s received. Each gift is presented with positivity and demonstrates the abilities that will help in various ways throughout a person’s lifetime. When You Give a Girl a Hammer promotes an interest in learning and trying new things, practicing to grow abilities, and believing in oneself to accomplish goals. The possibilities are endless when you just try!

What are readers saying?


Loved it! And so did I! Fantastic book!

Logan D.

 I love that it has inspired both of my daughters to try new things and that "girls can do it too." I'd highly recommend this book to any young girl!

Dot H.

Love it!! Must buy!


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