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How can I help?

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It is said that the best teacher is experience. Well, I've got A LOT of variety in that department! My areas of focus come from years of overcoming challenges that include anxiety, co-parenting, marriage, divorce, loss, and self discovery.  Any of those sound like areas you are struggling with? 

I found my way to a happy, full and exciting life and I'm looking forward to helping you get there too.

I'm a certified Transformation Life Coach specializing in Happiness & Forgiveness.  In addition, I hold a certificate in Relationship & Couples Coaching.  

Whether you are working towards happiness & fulfillment, love & marriage, or self awareness & empowerment, this is your first decision to creating and reaching your goals!

...but, what do I know?

So you're thinking about working with a coach.  Now what?


Here's the thing...I'm doing this for you.  The past few years have been so hard on so many people.  There is a lot of challenge and adversity, but not enough help for those that need it.  The energy in the world has changed. The way we do life has changed. I've felt pulled to find a way to offer help.  Coaching just makes sense for me. 


Here's why....


When I was 22, I got married for the first time. (Yes, you read that right.  THE FIRST TIME. It didn't stick.)  By age 23, I had my first baby & lost my dad within months of each other.  By 25, I was moving in with my Mom with two kids under 2 and putting the few dollars I had on a retainer for a lawyer to get me through a divorce.  That divorce took 3 years to complete.  Three years of extreme disagreements. Three years of trying to start over.

I later reconnected with someone from my youth and started a new long term relationship culminating in marriage after four years together.  A few moves, a home theft, a house purchase, job loss, 2 miscarriages, and another baby later I would find myself going through my second divorce.  Yet again, starting over amidst extreme challenges and mind-altering drama.  While this divorce happened quickly, it was with severe emotional baggage.  Raising 3 kids now, having moved BACK in with my Mom, yet again, I had to take some time to really do some soul searching and some healing.... some "Eat. Pray. Love." stuff, if you will.

Eventually, I found my place. I am now happily married to my best friend. Together, we created a modern day "Brady Bunch", both bringing three children from previous marriages ranging in age from toddler to young adult.  The blending of families, the ages of all the children and their emotional headspace from all the changes, we navigated many ups and downs.  Teen years and toddlers all at once!  From behavior challenges to boyfriends, depression & anxiety to eating disorders, co-parenting to scheduling conflicts, I've seen it all!  And, I've gotten through it!  

Now I am a successful photographer, and a children's book author.  I work a 9-5 as a sales and marketing coordinator and I manage my husband's side business.  I chase my dreams and wake up every morning with a love and zest for life!  We get this one go at it...why not make it something we love?

Challenges do not BREAK us.  We are stronger than we realize.  I want to leverage my experiences to help you find your way through the tough stuff and realize your strength and full potential!  

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